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Since 1926, the GKL brand has expanded from a single dealership into a national vehicle-leasing organisation. With our roots firmly in traditional vehicle industry, we have extended our market offering into plug-in hybrid and electric leases too.

From our very early roots in the automotive industry under Kenning’s and Sir George Kenning, we have developed into the GKL Leasing brand, parent company of GKL Eco, today with our MD Richard Kenning still maintaining our traditions as we expand into the greener and more efficient future.
The commitment to our customers has remained the same, as well as the unrivalled expertise, exceptional service and the passion for all aspects of vehicle leasing.


With the rise of new environmentally conscious technologies came a new opportunity for us, and as such GKL Electric was born.

GKL Electric was developed to provide our customers with the same high standards of service, but with the opportunity to improve their environmental concerns, reduce their monthly expenditure and future-proof their fleets.
We are excited to see what the future holds in terms of innovation and natural fuel vehicles and we look forward to sharing our journey with you and your business.


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